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YARU, a Colombian sportswear manufacturer, today has more than 500 molds and more than 1,000 designs to sublimate on different fabrics.

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    YARU Fabrics Sportswear Manufacturer

    YARU has several high quality Colombian fabrics, which are used for different references and patterns. Most of the fabrics belong to the base of the factory’s production line, others are special fabrics which have a periodic rotation of approximately 3 months.

    White base supplex (to sublimate)

    Supplex Chinzado (semi-gloss fabric)

    Corrugated Tesonda

    Corrugated Acces

    White base ganna (to sublimate)

    One Color Nylon Power

    Nylon Power Print

    Morelo sec


    100% Colombian Polyester

    One Color Supplex

    Corrugated glow

    Jacquard textured

    3d textured

    Textured jasped

    Pacific stamped



    100% Colombian Cotton

    Marbled Supplex

    All fabrics are always subjected to a quality test in elongation and resistance, after they pass the tests, the first prototypes are carried out, which are continuously monitored, after the due adjustments are made, the print run is carried out. initial with each new fabric YARU purchases.

    The “limited edition” fabrics exist by season, the inventory of these fabrics depends on the demand of orders that our company has.

    Types of Molds YARU Sportswear Wholesale

    YARU has designed approximately 500 Sportswear molds, every month we are developing new molds to meet the different needs of each country. The new molds are released approximately every 2 to 3 months.

    All products are made with reinforced industrial seams. The threads are acquired in the best textile factories in Colombia.

    All «Sportswear» products can be found in Catalog # 3, with details, images and rates for wholesalers.

    The most popular ones are mentioned below and of each one there are different variables:

    Sports leggings with normal waistband

    Mid waist sports leggings

    Sports leggings with medium waistband with mesh

    Sports leggings medium waistband with pockets

    High waist sports leggings

    Low back sports jumpsuit

    Cross back sports jumpsuit

    Sports shorts with normal waistband

    Mid-waist sports shorts

    High waist sports shorts

    Sports cachetero normal waistband

    Basic design lycra mesh blouse

    Lycra mesh breathable design blouse

    Sublimated armhole sleeve sports blouse

    Lycra sleeve hooded blouse

    Short sleeve sport blouse

    Sporty sublimated blouse with elastic

    Sports jacket with hood

    Sports jacket with veil

    Mini skirt dress with shorts

    Mini skirt dress with springs

    Hooded miniskirt dress morelo sec

    Lycrado long sleeve sports jumpsuit

    Men’s lycrado sports diver

    Men’s Hooded Shirt with Pockets

    Olympic sports top

    Low-cut sports top

    Cross-over sports top

    Simple sports top with opening at the back

    Double sports top

    Low-cut sports top

    Sublimated supplex sports top

    Sports top with cups

    Sports top with rings

    Sports top with sleeves

    Sports top with one sleeve

    Diamond sports top

    Sports ladder top

    Sports top with crossover neckline

    Four-strap sports top

    Sports top with back straps

    Sports top with front straps

    Triangle sports top with mesh-tex

    Sports top with formatex mesh

    Sports top with mesh-tex

    Nylon power skirt with short

    Skirt with printed pacific shorts

    Lycrado men’s sports diver

    Men’s V-neck Shirt

    Men’s round neck shirt

    Makeup Services with Logos and Private Brands – YARU Fabrica Sports Clothing

    YARU provides the description of the service for “Logo Sublimation”, “Private Label Labeling”, “Logo Embroidery” and “Logo Stamping” below.

    A. Sublimation of Logos and Brands on the outside

    YARU can “sublimate” your logo only on “supplex” fabric or on high polyester content fabrics.

    Sublimation is the heat printing technique on an “industrial sublimation” machine.

    B. Private Label Labeling

    YARU can design and print labels with your brand or logo, the two most popular labels are:

    🔰 Option 1 Nylon Label: It is the cheapest and of good quality, it is printed on 1 side, only black color, the measurements are 3cm x 7cm, this label is sewn on the inside of each product.

    🔰 Option 2 Satin Label: It is of excellent quality, it is printed on 1 side, in full color, the measurements are 2.5cm x 5cm, this label is sewn on the inside of each product.

    C. Embroidery of Logos

    All products can be embroidered, after we receive your logo, we will carry out the programming in the “industrial embroidery machine” and then we will embroider each product.

    See an example:

    D. Logo Print Option

    Products made from Neoprene fabrics can be printed in English known as “screen” (ink printing technique at room temperature).

    Pictures Colombian Sportswear – YARU Manufacturer

    Below we show some of the Colombian Sportswear products that we manufacture, all products are in Catalog # 3:

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    Check here the Wholesale Catalogs, there you will find all the information.